There's A Lot to Celebrate at Forever LIVE!

There's A Lot to Celebrate at Forever LIVE!

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This is a huge month for us at Forever. 

Beginning September 24th, we will hold our first annual Forever LIVE!   This will be a three-day photo organizing and scrapbooking retreat in Atlanta, Georgia.  Yes, for those who have been around scrapbooking events for a while, it will be one giant “crop!”  Attendees will hear from industry experts including NYT best-selling author Tory Johnson, renowned photographer Nick Kelsh, the team from pixels2Pages, and many others.  Attendees will also learn tips on using the latest photo organizing and scrapbooking tools, have plenty of time to work on personal projects (with help from our experts), and prizes will be awarded for the best photobooks, calendars, and Christmas cards designed during the conference.  Forever LIVE! will provide an energizing opportunity for all of us who care about preserving memories to come together, learn, and have fun.  I can’t wait! 

But there’s more!  At the beginning of the conference, we will release our exciting new and much anticipated software, Forever Artisan® 5.  All attendees will receive a free copy and be among the first to see and use this amazing new software.  And don’t worry, we have a few more surprises for all those who attend!

Forever’s Many Accomplishments 

We’ve come so far as a company in the past year.  Just 12 months ago we added Artisan® (leading digital scrapbooking software) and Historian (powerful photo and video organizing software) to our overall memory management platform.  We also built and launched beautiful “timeline” features across our Forever products, greatly enhanced our award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android, implemented new photo organization and editing features, and launched our Ambassador program.  We even opened our first Forever retail store –  in Green Bay Wisconsin (with perhaps more to follow).

And the company has grown by tens of thousands of customers. 

So we have much to celebrate!  But this is just the beginning.  At Forever LIVE!, I’ll talk about where we’ve come as a company, why we work constantly to ensure that your family stories are saved, shared, and protected for generations, and how we plan to continue this mission well into the future.

Avoiding an information ‘Black Hole’

Our mission is important.  The fact is, other cloud-storage services do not have business models and strategies that support saving and sharing digital content for the long-term.  If you cease to be valuable to advertisers, or stop paying for premium storage accounts, then your digital content is discarded.

Even if you succeed in keeping a temporary storage device or cloud storage account active for years, experts warn that your digital photos and documents are still vulnerable to the approaching digital cliff, where vast collections of content become inaccessible or are lost due to hackers, technical failure, or changing technology.   In other words, you might think you have saved your digital photos, but without the encryption, multiple backups at multiple locations, ongoing monitoring, and digital migration to new technologies that Forever offers its permanent members, your content may be lost.

Google’s own Chief Internet Strategist, Vint Cerf, describes this as a second “Dark Age.”  He says future generations will “have a very great difficulty knowing about us” because many photos, letters, and documents that depict life in the 21st Century will be destroyed. 

While speaking this past February in San Jose, California, Cerf lamented, “we think about digitizing things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse than the artifacts that we digitized.”  Cerf concludes that the best way to protect pictures from this “information black hole” is to “print them out, literally.” 

Rest easy with Forever!

At Forever, we understand the danger that the digital cliff poses to your photos and documents.  That’s why we created the first and only Guaranteed Permanent Shareable Storage Service.  When you own a Forever Guaranteed Storage Account, we triple backup all your content, encrypt key location and security information, and automatically migrate all of your content to new file formats over time, so that your photos and documents will always be safe, secure and available.  To put it simply, we are dedicated to giving you peace of mind.  We also establish a succession plan for your content so that you can decide how your account will be shared for generations.  You can use our default policy under which Forever prevents any changes to your account, or you can assign one or more account managers to have various levels of access and control in the future. 

To credibly sustain this service over the very long-term, we established the Forever Guarantee Fund, which is the world’s largest permanent investment fund dedicated exclusively to digital content preservation.  The fund is carefully managed and designed to generate income and grow over time like an endowment.  In this way, we are able to support the long-term preservation of content, and offer our patent-pending “Forever Guarantee.” 

So with Forever, you can rest easy knowing that we have thought through these issues, and built a memory management platform designed to avoid the digital cliff.  We are absolutely committed to protecting your precious photos and documents, and ensuring that your legacy is passed on to future generations!  No other Service can make this bold commitment.

Roxanne Buchholz Joins Forever as Director of Marketing and Digital Art

Roxanne Buchholz Joins Forever as Director of Marketing and Digital Art

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