Simple, Easy (and Inexpensive) Valentines Photo Tips!

Simple, Easy (and Inexpensive) Valentines Photo Tips!

Valentine's Day is a fabulous holiday: love is in the air, you permit yourself to spend a little extra on a nice meal, and you may find time to reacquaint yourself with your loved ones without spending too much money. There's only one problem: every year, you take the same old set of pictures (maybe seated at your favorite restaurant, or sitting with your children on the couch). When you're a little older you might look back and find that all of your Valentine's Day photos are variations on one theme - so distinguishing between the years proves pretty difficult. Mix it up in 2017! Take a few unique photos, and make some interesting projects in Artisan®. Below I've compiled a few photo recommendations, and have pulled together some Valentine's Day project advice from the Forever™ Ambassadors. Enjoy!

A few simple, easy (and inexpensive) photo tips!

Hair Hearts

A recent favorite among celebrities and the general population of Instagram, this Valentine’s Day photo shoot is equal parts cute, hip, and – best of all – free!

Umbrella Hearts

If you own an umbrella, you already have a perfect Valentine’s Day photo opportunity. Just grab some red felt, a pair of scissors, and fishing line. You can string as many of these raining hearts as you please. Bonus points if you can take a great photo in the rain.

Holding Hands

You don’t always need to capture a face to convey emotion. This Valentine’s Day, consider taking a photo of your hand grasping your sweetheart’s hand. Allow this arrangement to symbolize some important aspect of your relationship: you can foreground the picture with your favorite dinner dish, your Valentines gifts to one another, or any number of things - think up your own!


This technique is closely related to the last. Settle on a pose – a kiss or a hug are good places to start – and ask a third person to snap a picture of your silhouettes. Simple, elegant, private - a wonderful choice. Let the sun shine on your love!

The Smooch

This approach works best with babies because they don’t have the good sense to wipe their faces. Grab some red lipstick, pucker up a few times, and snap a photo. You can express your love for your child without even appearing in the photo, which cuts down on prep time.

And now... a few Valentine's Day project ideas from our Ambassadors!

Jamie Schumacher

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I became a part of a viral Valentine's gift that has been coined "Love So Far Project." Ladies are reaching out to others world-wide for a handwritten note from all over the world to express their love for their significant others, children, or to give encouragement to those facing hardships. Here is the beginning of my 5x7 softbound album for my hubby, but this could easily be made into cards.

Content: Frills Digital Kit

Photo credit: Me

Fran Allen Smitherman

I made a Facebook banner last year and decided to turn it into a canvas! Love my wall art 😊

Deanna Johnson

Sheri Meissner's heart template has been a HIT with my team and clients!

Sheri Meissner 

Image may contain: 3 people, text

This is a metal panel but sure would be a cute canvas! What a fun gift for a Grandma to make for a mom or vice versa!

Kathy Van Winkle Knudsen

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To Me From Me - a 12x12 canvas - I love creating things for others but sometimes it's OK to make something for yourself 😊  My mom and me!!!!!

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