See Forever at RootsTech 2017

See Forever at RootsTech 2017

We’re back at it! We enjoyed our time so much at RootsTech the past two years, we just had to make it three in a row! That’s right, the Forever™ Team is headed back to Salt Lake City, Utah to partake in the biggest annual gathering of professional and self-taught family historians in North America. In fact, we’re so excited, we’re returning as a 2017 Gold Sponsor, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn more about Forever™ products and services at the conference. Be sure to stop by our booth (it's #802), and we’ll show you all the ways that Forever can help you capture your family history and share it with those you love for generations.

The Forever™ Booth at Rootstech 2017
The Forever™ Booth at Rootstech 2017

Thousands will be there. Have you secured your seat? And don’t worry if you can’t attend, you can still join the fun from home with the RootsTech live stream. No matter how you participate, be sure to check out our events schedule below:


Thursday, February 9, 4:30 – 5:30pm

“One Family's Journey to a Complete Digital Preservation Solution” by Ann Monteith

Take a look at one family's personal journey to find a complete photo and history preservation solution. As most families do, this family had a great need and desire to preserve vulnerable documents, as well as printed and digital photographs. And, they recognized the need to establish succession as a way to hand these treasures down to future generations. In this breakout, you will see how one family's story unfolds as they discover an unknown box full of family photos and memorabilia and their quest to preserve and protect these priceless family memories. This discovery launched this family into an astounding journey across nearly two centuries of family history - a history that could not possibly be archived, secured, and enjoyed by future generations without the help of new digital technologies.

Friday, February 10, 4:30 - 5:30pm

“The Art of Sharing Family Stories Through Digital Scrapbooking” by Shelley Murray

Researching family history and gathering family photos, documents, and stories is just the beginning of the memory keeping process. Once this information has been found, organized, and preserved, it's time to share it with others, and the latest digital technology makes sharing easier and faster than ever. In addition to sharing beautiful photos and stories via digital devices, we also long to touch and feel physical photos that illustrate the stories from our past. Learn how to make simple photo books or create elaborate scrapbooks with beautiful, digital artwork using Forever's award-winning digital scrapbooking software. It's not only an effective way to tell your family story, it's also easy and fun, and these printed photo books become treasured keepsakes that are valued for many years to come.

Saturday, February 11, 3:00 – 4:00pm

“Recording and Sharing Life Testimony Videos for your Family Members” by Glen Meakem

Family stories should never be lost. They remind us of life’s special occasions and important experiences, embody family values, illustrate important lessons learned, provide a glimpse into the lives people lived, and become a significant part of our legacy. One of the most powerful ways to record these valuable stories is with video. A video can capture the beliefs, voices, emotions, facial reactions – the life testimony – of individual family members, and become a deeply emotional component of a complete memory-keeping solution. In this session, learn the fundamentals of creating a Life Testimony Video, and how anyone with a smart phone can create and share them with others. Learn how to prepare the right questions, anticipate and overcome obstacles, and encourage individuals to actually sit down and tell their stories for the camera (not always an easy thing).   And most importantly, learn how to save and share these Life Testimonies - and the legacy behind them - for generations.

Thursday, February 9, 10:20am

15-minute demo theatre session: “A solution for Digital Photo Loss and Disorganization” by Shelley Murray

Friday, February 10, 2:40pm

15-minute demo theatre session: “Extraordinary family history…preserved permanently online with Forever” by Ann Monteith

Saturday, February 11, 11:40am

15-minute demo theatre session: “Preserving Scrapbooks and Family Stories” by Madelyn Brownell

Friday, February 10, 12:00 – 1:30pm

RootsTech sponsored Lunch with Forever™ Founder & CEO, Glen Meakem

Keeping It Simple and Getting It Done

Keeping It Simple and Getting It Done

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